PLL Phase Noise Calculator

Synthesizer designers will find this tool useful for selecting the best HMC Divider, Counter, Phase Frequency Detector and VCO to simulate & achieve optimal PLL phase noise.
  1. Select the HMC part number below for each of the pertinent PLL circuit elements.
  2. Reference the HMC product data sheet to determine which part to choose based upon your frequency, phase noise, power output & functional requirements.
  3. You may enter your own key parameters by selecting "custom" from the pull down part number lists.
  4. For the Reference Oscillator & Loop Filter enter the parameters of the products you have chosen.
Allow a few moments for the program to load. If you don't see the PLL Calculator program below this sentence, click HERE to troubleshoot the problem with your browser

Zooming: Holding down CTRL while dragging the mouse over the area of the chart you wish to see will enlarge that area.
Panning: Holding down SHIFT while dragging the mouse will move the chart in the direction the mouse is moved.
Displaying Coordinates: Holding down ALT while holding down the left mouse button will display the frequencies of RF and IF that the mouse is currently positioned over.

(If you don't see the PLL Calculator program above, click HERE to troubleshoot the problem with your browser.)

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