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Filter - Tunable, Band Pass SMT, 19 - 38 GHz

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Product Line
Filters - Tunable


• Fast Tuning Response
• Excellent Wideband Rejection
• Single Chip Replacement
   for Mechanically Tuned Designs
• Small Size: 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.10 mm

Typical Applications

• Test & Measurement Equipment
• Military RADAR & EW/ECM
• SATCOM & Space
• Industrial & Medical Equipment

Functional Diagram

General Description

The HMC899 is a MMIC band pass filter which features a user selectable passband frequency. The 3 dB filter bandwidth is approximately 18%. The 20 dB filter bandwidth is approximately 35%. The center frequency can be varied between 19 and 38 GHz by applying an analog tune voltage between 0 and 14V. This tunable filter can be used as a much smaller alternative to physically large switched filter banks and cavity tuned filters. The HMC899 has excellent microphonics due to the monolithic design, and provides a dynamically adjustable solution in advanced communications applications.