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Medium Power Amplifier Chip, 6 - 18 GHz

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Freq. (GHz) Function Gain (dB) OIP3 (dBm) NF (dB) P1dB (dBm) Bias Supply Package
6 - 18 Medium Power Amplifier 15.5 32 4.5 20 +5V @ 95mA Chip


• Gain: 15.5 dB
• Saturated Power: +22 dBm @ 23% PAE
• Single Supply Voltage:
   +5V w/ Optional Gate Bias
• 50 Ohm Matched Input/Output
• Die Size: 0.94 x 0.94 x 0.1 mm

Typical Applications

• Point-to-Point
• Point-to-Multi-Point Radios
• LO Driver for HMC Mixers
• Military EW & ECM

Functional Diagram

HMC441 Functional Diagram

General Description

The HMC441 is an efficient GaAs PHEMT MMIC Medium Power Amplifier which operates between 6 and 18 GHz*. The amplifier provides 15.5 dB of gain, +22 dBm of saturated power, and 23% PAE from a +5V supply voltage. An optional gate bias is provided to allow adjustment of gain, RF output power, and DC power dissipation.

The HMC441 amplifier can easily be integrated into Multi-Chip-Modules (MCMs) due to its small size. The backside of the die is both RF and DC ground, simplifying the assembly process and reducing performance variation. All data is tested with the chip in a 50 Ohm test fixture connected via 0.025mm (1 mil) diameter wire bonds of minimal length 0.31mm (12 mils).

*Contact HMC for electrical specification limits for 6 - 7 and 15.5 - 18 GHz.